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  • Onion Article

    CALCUTTA–In what is widely believed to be the result of clerical error on the part of Heaven’s massive soul-evaluation and punishment-allocation bureaucracy, The Calcutta Daily-Telegram reported Monday that beloved missionary caregiver Mother Teresa was condemned to agonizing, eternal torment in Hell following her death last Friday at the age of 87. Widely expected to ascend […]

  • Killer Robots

    Extensive studies by CLF researchers have shown than over an estimated  25% of the world population has been replaced by robot clones.  This, in itself is not a bad thing, however many robotic replacements have a hard time adjusting to their new roles, and have been known to go berzerk. Take this short test to […]

  • Various RPG Projects, .NET framework, and Software that Doesn’t Suck.

    Hey banditos! It’s been decades since my last update.  It’s like one of those annoying things you keep putting off, but never actually get around to doing. Anyways, here’s what I’ve been keeping busy with in my life lately.So what am I doing with myself lately outside of work?  Well, not really much. I’ve finally […]

  • Webmaster recounts tales of torture at hands of mole people.

    After being locked in the cavernous wastes of the mole people empire for a year, one brave webmaster risks it all to free himself from the clutches of great evil.

  • Concert, new home computer, old friend leaves town.

    What’s new? Nothing really. I just got back from Art Class. Our latest project is to do a series of 3 works on a “loaded image”. Mine is a fork, knife and spoon. I couldn’t find anything else to bring in last minute. Last Friday night I went to the Covenant/And One/Noxious Emotions show at […]

  • Freebase

    FREEBASE Live Action Role Playing in THE WORLD OF REALITY A compiled volume of information primarily used by FREEBASE players including: combat, monster lists; treasure; equipment; magic; world description; helpful playing tips; and more. Concept by Daniel Thron and Todd Shaughnessy. Written by Daniel Thron. — INTRODUCTION Most of you reading these rules are familiar with […]

  • Obnoxious ICQ Advertisements

    So this morning my copy of ICQ 2000a started displaying ad banners on the bottom of every single outgoing message box. Before, it displayed only ad-banners on the file-send dialog boxes and other obscure forms, but it’s just obnoxious on the bottom of the send message dialog. So I decided to switch.. I set up […]

  • Neverwinter Nights – The Next MMORPG?

    Neverwinter Nights is BioWare’s upcoming RPG title based on the D20 Dungeons & Dragons system.  So yeah, Baldur’s Gate was fun and all that, but why the hooplah?  Mainly because the slant of Neverwinter Nights is not just some exciting rampage through a Forgotten Realms city – BioWare intends to bring the thrill of table-top […]

  • unveils brand new design!

    Personally, I think it’s a load of rubbish, said seniour vice developer J. Doe.  I mean come on, somebody comes along and revamps their site after not touching it for basically almost a year and we’re supposted to think that this is a big deal or something?  Get real!

  • Pieter Bruegel Timeline

    1516 Hieronymus Bosch dies on August 9th. 1517 Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses against the abuse of indulgence. 1519 Luther’s works circulate in Antwerp. 1520 Luther’s works are translated into Dutch and put into circulation. Charles V publishes his first Placard against Heretics. 1522 Francois van der Hulst appointed inquisitor with full power. 1536 […]