Pieter Bruegel Timeline

1516 Hieronymus Bosch dies on August 9th.
1517 Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses against the abuse of
1519 Luther’s works circulate in Antwerp.
1520 Luther’s works are translated into Dutch and put into

Charles V publishes his first Placard against Heretics.

1522 Francois van der Hulst appointed inquisitor with full
1536 Erasmus of Rotterdam dies.
c. 1525-1530 Bruegel Born
1543 Calvinism spreads to the Netherlands.
c. 1545 Pieter Bruegel allegedly apprenticed to Pieter Coeck in
c. 1546 Jerome Cock becomes an art dealer and publisher of
1548 Mathys Cock, landscape painter and brother to Jerome Cock
1550 Pieter Coeck dies on December 20th.
Charles V issues a second Placard, which was more
particularly aimed at the Genevese heresy and reinforces measurs against the Protestants.
1551 Bruegel’s name appears in the Antwerp register of the
painter’s guild.
1552 Bruegel travels to Italy.
1553 Bruegel Drew: Landscape with River and Mountains, View of
Bruegel Painted: Lanscape with Christ Appearing to the
Apostles at the Sea of Tiberius
Pieter Bruegel returns from Italy, late in the year.
1554 Pieter Bruegel drew: View of Waltensburg, Forest Landscape
with Bears, Mountain Landscape
1556 Bruegel Drew: The Ass in the School, The Big Fish Eating
the Little Fish, The Temptations of St. Anthony
Philip II succeedes his father Charles V.
1557 Brugel Painted:Landscape with the Parable of the Sower
Bruegel Drew: Desidia, Gula
1558 Bruegel Painted: Landscape with the Fall of Icarus
Bruegel Drew: Elck, The Alchemist, The Land Judgement
1559 Bruegel Paitned: The Fight between Carnival and Lent,
Netherlandish Proverbs
Bruegel Drew: Fides, Spes, The Witch of Malleghem
Pieter Bruegel begins signing his works, “P.
BRVEGEL”.  Earlier works were signed, “brueghel”
1560 Bruegel Painted: Children’s Games
Drew: Landscape with Church, River Landscape
1561 Bruegel Drew: Christ in Limbo
1562 Bruegel Painted: The Fall of The Rebel Angels, Mad
Meg/Dulle Griet, The Triumph of Death, The Suicide of Saul, Two Monkeys
Bruegel leaves Antwerp for Amsterdam, and sketches the
towers, gates, canals and moats.
1563 Bruegel Painted: The Tower of Babel (I), Lanscape with the
Flight into Egypt
Bruegel starts signing painting dates in roman numberals.
October, Bruegel marries Mariette, the daughter of Pieter
Coeck, and moves back to Brussels.  She is around 18-19.
1564 Bruegel Painted: The Tower of Bable (II), The Procession
to Calvary, The Adoration of The Kings, The Slaughter of the Innocents?, The Death of the
Peter the Younger is born to Pieter and Mariette.
1565 Bruegel Painted: The Hunters in the Snow, The Gloomy Day,
Haymaking, The Harvesters, The Return of the Herd, Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap,
Christ and the Adulteress
Drew: The Calumny of Apelles, Spring
1566 Bruegel Painted: The Census at Bethlehem, The Sermon of
Saint John The Baptist, The Wedding Dance
Bruegel resumes his interest in engraving and etching.
Makes The Landscape with Rabbit Hunters.
Outbreaks of the iconoclastic movement gives Philip II a
pretext for sending the Duke of Alba to organize a systematic repression.
1567 Bruegel Painted: The Land of Cockaigne, The Conversion of
Saul, the Adoration of the Kings in the Snow, The Wedding Banquet?, The Peasant Dance?
William of Orange leaves the country, which is being
invaded by Alba.   Capital executions are rampant.
Jan Bruegel is born to Pieter and Mariette.
1568 Bruegel Painted: The Wedding Banquet?, The Peasant Dance?,
The Misanthrope, The Parable of The Blind, The Peasant and the Bird-Nester, Landscape with
the Magpie on the Gallows, The Cripples, The Storm at Sea?
Bruegel Drew: The Beekeepers and the Bird-Nester?, Summer
1569 Painted: The Storm at Sea?
Municipality of Brussels exempts Bruegel from furnishing
billets to Spanish soldiers, due to failing health.
Bruegel Dies on September 5th.






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