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I have updated my post about configuring Privoxy to clean up the ads on  The new user.filter removes most of the white blocks on the wow homepage that Privoxy left behind already.  This also fixes the forum filtering so that the post pages are full width again.  Unfortunately it doesn’t block any of the flash cross-promotion of their products, but it takes care of all the external advertisements at least.


DJ’s Collapsing Trachea

Last Wednesday we took our Pomeranian to the vets to get her teeth cleaned.  She needed one tooth pulled from her upper jaw, and another one came out on it’s own as well.  However, when she woke up from anesthesia she was having a hard time breathing.   Over the past few years her breathing has gotten worse and worse.  Collapsing trachea is a problem that plagues a lot of small breed dogs, and it essentially occurs when the rings in the trachea get too weak to keep it open.  When she gets excited she has a hard time breathing, and starts making a goose-honk noise.   After the dental visit we talked with Dr. Cox a bit about the xrays and then one of the veterinary assistants woke her up and brought her out to the lobby.  She was shaking violently, trying to breath and honking non-stop.  Normally her honking fits last about 10 seconds tops, and this was sustained for over a minute.  Dr. Cox gave her a cortezone shot to help with the inflammation and sent us home with the instructions that if it got worse, or we saw her gum tissue get blue to take her to the Tualatic Emergency Clinic.    Essentially her throat was inflammed from having the tiny air tube they thread down it when they anesthetize the dog to do dental work.

He also gave us the X-rays that they took, and the phone number of a doctor in Beaverton who performs tracheal surgery.   From what Dr. Cox said, it would be around $3,000 for the surgery, but we haven’t called the specialist yet.

Crystal put the x-rays on her lightboard last night and took pictures.  Here is a supine view of our dog.  If you look at the bright white spot at the base of the neck, that is the microchip.  If you look straight down from that, past the spine and ribcage you can see a black lump. That’s the trachea at the thickness it should normally be.  If you follow it all the way up to the left to the throat, you can get a pretty good idea of how collapsed her trachea is.


DJ Supine View

There’s a few other tracheal collapse x-rays from other dogs. I’d say this fits in the ‘severe’ tracheal collapse category. 🙁


DJ Top View


Bathroom Sink! Unclogged!

I’m only posting this because Crystal is making me. This weekend I unclogged our bathroom sink, which even Draino could not handle. Turns out there was a 3 hit die grey ooze (or possibly some sort of nanobot swarm?) completely clogging the drain pipe. File this under ‘things that take 15mins to fix that you should have done 2 months ago’. Looks like someone was smoking black tar heroin in our bathroom sink again. What happens when toothpaste and makeup go bad… After completing ‘World of Goo‘ last weekend, I ain’t afraid of no slime!


Yes, that P-Trap is totally clogged!


Ooze in move!




Ice Ice Jello, Too Cold!

Also in the oozes, slimes & molds category of the fiend folio, we were cleaning out the refrigerator later that day and discovered a cup of jello that had been near the back of the fridge next to the cooling element. Totally frozen, so all the water separated to the top and all of the gelatin formed a rubber-like epoxy at the bottom of the cup. Jawesome!

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World Builder

Saw this over on Wired and loved it.  It’s a short film by Bruce Branit.



Two Angry Camels in a Car


What can I say?

  • Yo dawg, we heard you like dromidaries, so we put some camels in your car so you can hump while you drive?
  • Armrha: The convenience store clerk misunderstood.  Instead of 2 packs of camels, he got him 2 pack camels : (