Bathroom Sink! Unclogged!

I’m only posting this because Crystal is making me. This weekend I unclogged our bathroom sink, which even Draino could not handle. Turns out there was a 3 hit die grey ooze (or possibly some sort of nanobot swarm?) completely clogging the drain pipe. File this under ‘things that take 15mins to fix that you should have done 2 months ago’. Looks like someone was smoking black tar heroin in our bathroom sink again. What happens when toothpaste and makeup go bad… After completing ‘World of Goo‘ last weekend, I ain’t afraid of no slime!

Yes, that P-Trap is totally clogged!
Ooze in move!

Ice Ice Jello, Too Cold!

Also in the oozes, slimes & molds category of the fiend folio, we were cleaning out the refrigerator later that day and discovered a cup of jello that had been near the back of the fridge next to the cooling element. Totally frozen, so all the water separated to the top and all of the gelatin formed a rubber-like epoxy at the bottom of the cup. Jawesome!






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