Neverwinter Nights – The Next MMORPG?

Neverwinter Nights is BioWare’s upcoming RPG title based on the D20 Dungeons & Dragons system. 

So yeah, Baldur’s Gate was fun and all that, but why the hooplah?  Mainly because the slant of Neverwinter Nights is not just some exciting rampage through a Forgotten Realms city – BioWare intends to bring the thrill of table-top horn-rimmed, doughnuts and coffee, roleplaying to the online world.

I’m not talking about sitting in IRC with some other retards while some robot spams off D6 rolls either.

DM will be reportably be able to design and script everything under the sun.  Each playfield consists of a 32×32 square section that is developed by painting down tiles.  NWN will support the following tile sets, with more promised after release:

Multi-Height Tilesets (includes height transitions, bodies of water, buildings, curtain walls, bridges, docks, impassables, and other set-specific features):

Single-Height Tilesets (includes a variety of passable and impassable tiles suitable to its theme):
-Deep Forest
-Caverns / Mines
Of course, we’ll also be able to play with fog and lighting for further mood enhancement.

Once you have your map layed out, your NPCs scripted and everything ready, you set up your server, and let up to 64 of your closest friends log in.  DMs are omni-present, and able to take over monsters and NPCs at will, as well as able to trigger pre-set scripts and cut scenes. 🙂

Obviously, a few people have liked the feature set listed so far, and think that they will be able to set up their own persistent world, ala Mini-Everquest style.

Personally, I get excited just thinking about it.  Of course I’ve mapped out my own little n3rd w3rld, and background and all that.  But I’m a horrible slacker.  Will the World of Nazrain ever see the light of a dedicated server?  Only time will tell. 🙂






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