Obnoxious ICQ Advertisements

So this morning my copy of ICQ 2000a started displaying ad banners on the bottom of every single outgoing message box. Before, it displayed only ad-banners on the file-send dialog boxes and other obscure forms, but it’s just obnoxious on the bottom of the send message dialog.

So I decided to switch..

I set up a jabber IM server and checked out the latest and greatest that the jabber project had to offer as far as clients. None of the windows clients seem to make the cut in my book.

Trillian, appears to be a great all-in-one IM client for ICQ, AIM, Y! and IRC however it isn’t dockable, and until they pass version 0.6, the contact list management isn’t the greatest. But for a initial release, it’s a great product.

So anyways, I found a page at cexx.org that had a workaround that actually seemed to work. I blew away ICQ’s AteBrowser cache folder and replaced it with a read-only file. So I’m back to ICQ for now, but looking forward to seeing new progress on the Jabber project, and Trillian.






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