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  • Introducing the Bill Family

    We have temporarily adopted a band of furry felines.  Even though they live in our neighbor’s wood pile across the street, they often come to our house to pork out on tasty cat food.  (That is, to say, when the raccoons aren’t snorfing it down.)  The kittens are very cute, especially when they play with […]

  • Open Letter to David Welna and NPR’s Morning Edition

    Dear David Welna, Shame on you. Your story this morning (“Senate Debates Treatment of Detainees“) on the Senator Richard Durbin’s comments did a huge disservice to your listeners by failing to provide the full context of the story. The way our government is treating our prisoners is unlawful, reprehensible and downright disgusting. How can you […]

  • SuckARR

    Looks like there was snow this xmas. Fall 2003 Printmaking Portfolio is up, as is new dhtml menus. Enjoy!

  • Merry Holidays!

    Crystal is bummed that there is not going to be snow this Christmas.  As the big day nears, she is still out shopping for presents.  Like she hasn’t spent enough money already on gifts this year!  We decided to get a four foot tree and put it on top of the end table in the […]

  • September

    We’ve got another pet now, a stray cat (now named Carmen), that followed my sister home. My parents cat was beating it up, so now it lives at our house. I’ve been spending my time playing EverQuest with some friends from DaoC and PlanetSide. Here’s my teir’dal cleric if you’re interested in that sort of […]

  • New Forums Opened Up

    The forums have been reopened at Now four of my websites share the same message board software. Anybody who was registered in the past will need to re-register unfortunately, but it should fix a lot of fugly problems with the current forum. You can get to it with the “forum” link on the […]

  • Personal Update, June 09th 2003

    So, heh. It’s been some time since I last updated. (as usual) What’s new? Covenant came to town with Melotron and played a great show at the Paris Theater. I recently upgraded my motherboard to something ABit, and I no longer have random memory lockups. I mention these two items because two years ago was […]

  • Turd Bear Comes To Town

    Well, Crystal finally did it. She got a dog! Pictures are coming soon.

  • War?

    “Why, of course, the people don’t want war, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders . . . All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works […]

  • I’m Bored.

    So I got around to fixing some of the PHP/MySQL errors on the site.  Recipes work once again.  So does the voting. I’ve been busy playing Dark Age of Camelot, going to school (painting and photography last term) and work. Ho hum.