Introducing the Bill Family

We have temporarily adopted a band of furry felines.  Even though they live in our neighbor’s wood pile across the street, they often come to our house to pork out on tasty cat food.  (That is, to say, when the raccoons aren’t snorfing it down.)  The kittens are very cute, especially when they play with each other.  Since the cats are feral, they do not like humans.  However, there is an ounce of hope that the bravest of the three kittens can be coaxed into domestication.  We shall see.  We have to be watchful of the cats because two of the kittens found their way into our garage one night and got trapped.  Crystal didn’t find them until 4:00 am in the morning.  Thanks goes to DJ who barked at the garage door until she woke up.  Who knows what could have happened if she didn’t find them in there.  They could have been roastie toasties for breakfast if the car was started and they were underneath it!







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