Concert, new home computer, old friend leaves town.

What’s new?

Nothing really. I just got back from Art Class. Our latest project is to do a series of 3 works on a “loaded image”. Mine is a fork, knife and spoon. I couldn’t find anything else to bring in last minute.

Last Friday night I went to the Covenant/And One/Noxious Emotions show at the Paris Theater with Ceige(drool) and Brightshadow. Shad drove up from Corvallis with his girlf and left her at his parents house. I guess she’s into folksy music and he didn’t thinks he’d enjoy the show. Heheh.

I remember the Metropants store/mailing list said to tell the guy they had running t-shirt booth “hi _____, I’m from the mailing list” and he would hook you up with some free swag or something. Except, it was his name instead of ______. I think it was Dave or something. And he looked pretty pissed off to have to be there running the t-shirt booth or something.

The concert hall was totally packed with people, and we got there late – in the middle of And One. I really wish I had caught more of them, since out of the three bands playing they were my favorite. Covenant put on a good show tho.

I bought some swag. The t-shirts only came in XL. What the hell is with the sudden decision of every band touring that they are only going to make XL shirts for simplicity sake. So anyways, I got my And One, Covenant tour shirts – they were practically mu-mu’s until I washed them. (Preshrunk cotton my ass). The annoying thing about fabric, which I have learned from living with a woman, is that when it shrinks, it shrings height wise, not width wise. So anyways. The Covenant t-shirt hits right below my waist (instead of like, at my farking knees) which is good. The bad part is, I still could probably fit one of my legs through the sleeve holes.

Clothing is probably almost as annoying as automobiles. I’m going to start riding my bicycle buck naked to work and back any day now.

Last Saturday, my friend Hythian moved out of PDX cross country to North Carolina. Now the east coast has to put up with his smug cynicism for awhile. That’s right. We’ve had our fill. And if you’re reading this right now, you need to get your net-connection-on and get on ICQ or something you bastard so we can have you back in the virtual at least. Portland seems sunnier already without you, I’m pretty sure I don’t like it either.

Also last Friday, I got my new home computer put together finally.. I bought the parts via work from Supercom, who is the supplier for our company. Anyways. I ended up with an AMD 1.2Ghz, 266FSB and an Asus A7A266 Mobo. 256mb of PC2100 DDR ram.

Damn thing wouldn’t post. After many trips to Supercom and back, they finally tell me that I destroyed the AMD 1.2 chip by trying to strap on the piece of shit master-cool CPU fan. You have to clamp one side down, and then stab the motherboard with a screwdriver repeatedly to get it on. Somehow in the violent process the frail and unprotected AMD cpu took a mortal blow, and I was $260 poorer. Or so. I guess I’ll find out how much poorer when I get the invoices for it. Everybody at work was telling me that that’s bullshit, and that they probably were making it up so they didn’t have to take a bad CPU back, but its plausible given the struggle I had getting that farker on, and hell – I feel responsible. :/

Anyways. I wanted a 1.3 Ghz, but they didn’t have none of that action in stock, and no A7M mobo’s or anything from MSI. Next time I think I will avoid ordering from them and just get what I really want off of pricewatch. It’s not like I really needed it NOW. And besides, it took me a farking week to get the damn thing replaced/working anyways. I even bought a POS 250 watt sparkle AMD approved power supply that I didn’t want, because they suggested that that was the source of the problem. At least it’s quieter than my old dust thrasher.

At work, I finished up upgrading the last of our five television websites up to the new version of Solid Producer. We picked up a major support/publishing contract which should enable us to add another three people to the office. Qwest/US Worst of course couldn’t let a good thing go unspoiled and had to seriously fuck up the phone line. Voicemail was off last night, and this afternoon it was strangely quiet. Mainly because they axed the 800 number somehow.

Anyways, time for bed.






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