Webmaster recounts tales of torture at hands of mole people.


After a year of no official site updates, I guess this is the big fat official relaunch. 🙂  Yes, I’m still alive, in a way I guess. 

I’ve had this design on the burner for a few months now, after I got pretty inspired back in January? to revamp it.  But I’ve been reluctant to unveil the new system because of well, lack of any real soliable content.

What am I up to?  Well, I’m working.  I’m taking one measely art class at night. 

Most of any artwork I’ve produced lately has been of the offline variety, and I’m not sure if it is worthy of the allmighty scan/digital photo.

Anyways, I’m sure there is plenty of things I could be adding to this site if I got off my beligerant rump.

About the new site:
-As you can see, it looks different.  Yay.  Different is good.
-The forums are now powered by phpBB (ha><0r3d by yours truely for visual appeal) instead of MS Frontpage’s drop in message board scripts. 
-The side columns (we like to call them teasers), stories, and everything are stored in a MySQL database.  Once someone hits the story or index page, they are cached statically.

Anyways, that’s about all the excitement I can think of for right now.  I’ll try to be more aggressive about updating. 😉







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