• Armada Online Alpha

    Brian in #ballistic alerted me to this fun little game that is in alpha testing right now.  It’s called Armada Online.  It’s a multi-player online game where you choose a faction a name and an icon to represent yourself and then you jump into a top-down 2d style gameplay where you strafe around alien space […]

  • Bluegrass Cover of the Stonecutters Theme Song

    Did you ever feel like someone should make a bluegrass cover of the Stonecutters theme song?  I know I have! Who keeps the metric system down anyways? Check out: Pickin’ on Series – We Do (The Stonecutters Theme). Once the page loads, hit the play button in the upper right corner. 😀

  • Paladins and Kalgan (Wrath of the Lich King)

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7sfV58O3Mg[/youtube]Following in a long line of re-captioned foreign language videos comes an amusing tale of World of Warcraft class balance.

  • Star Trek Online Website Launch

    Over the weekend, the countdown timer on Cryptic Studio’s homepage turned into a launch of the new Star Trek Online website.  The gameplay plan for this seems pretty different from what Perpetual Entertainment had in mind.  Instead of serving as a crewmember aboard a ship, you will be either a Federation or Klingon captain with […]

  • Wrath of the Lich King has new Shadows

    The WotlK wiki has some details on activating shadows in the beta: http://wotlkwiki.info/index.php/Graphics_Upgrade I did some quick cruising around and took a few screenshots with the new terrain shadows activated in the beta client.  These shots are set to Medium (aka #2 of 6), which is “Full environmental and PC/NPC shadows, low-res, med-dist.”

  • First Impressions of the “Wrath of the Lich King” Beta

    I finally got my BlizzCon 2007 beta key Tuesday night and got the download installed Wednesday morning. Nothing Ever Works… Last night after getting home from work I finished patching up, and started the long annoying process of migrating all my UI settings and AddOns over to the beta install of Wrath of the Lich […]

  • Snow Blow 2007

    WE MADE IT! 2007 started off with some white fluffy stuff that made me very excited that I didn’t have school for half a week. Josh spent a week on vacation playing WoW 24/7 while I examined the hairy thing that has made its way back to the guest bathroom ceiling. For anyone who remembers […]

  • Fun with Photoshop

    Ho HUM 🙂 Click for full view.

  • Trick-or-Treat… Smell My Feet

    So I thought I would get you all in the Halloween spirit with a bit of spooky stuff and all by sharing with you a very spooktacular picture courtesy of the guest bathroom! It’s not every day that I see in the reflection of the mirror a long wadded piece of hair dangling behind me […]

  • Introducing the Bill Family

    We have temporarily adopted a band of furry felines.  Even though they live in our neighbor’s wood pile across the street, they often come to our house to pork out on tasty cat food.  (That is, to say, when the raccoons aren’t snorfing it down.)  The kittens are very cute, especially when they play with […]