Armada Online Alpha

Hunting Bugs in Delta 3
Hunting Bugs in Delta 3

Brian in #ballistic alerted me to this fun little game that is in alpha testing right now.  It’s called Armada Online.  It’s a multi-player online game where you choose a faction a name and an icon to represent yourself and then you jump into a top-down 2d style gameplay where you strafe around alien space crabs and scorpions and blow them up diablo style for fun and profit.  The graphics are all full 3d, the starfield backgrounds are gorgeous and the menus are all very simple and familiar.  Eat hot torpedos scavenger scum!  Space crabs phear my terran payload, yo.

I also rummaged up this link off the Armada forums; It has some more screenshots and some basic information for newbies:





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