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  • Ad Filtering

    I have updated my post about configuring Privoxy to clean up the ads on  The new user.filter removes most of the white blocks on the wow homepage that Privoxy left behind already.  This also fixes the forum filtering so that the post pages are full width again.  Unfortunately it doesn’t block any of the […]

  • Remove World of Warcraft Forum Ads with Chrome and Privoxy

    So, today Blizzard added advertising to the webpages.  Normally I don’t mind dealing with ad revenue on websites, but I’m already paying them $15 a month for their game.   Over four years of WoW subscription, three convention tickets, and two copies of the game and two expansions means  well over $1000 that they […]

  • Adventures in Northrend

    Circus Circus Since midnight of the 13th most of my non-sleeping, non-working hours have gone into playing ‘Wrath of the Lich King’.  On last thursday, my impression of the game was somewhat nonplussed, mainly because the quest grind brings out a jealous competition in everyone.  Everyone is racing each other for that quest kill, or […]

  • BlizzCon 2008 Swagbag

    To my surprise, I apparently booked a room at the ‘Marriott SUITES Anaheim’, not the ‘Marriott Anaheim’. The suites are like a mile south of the convention center. The room is nice enough, and I met up with Thar from the Stonecutters, along with his brother. We were met by the other rogue in our […]

  • BlizzCon HO

    I’m on my way to Anaheim, California for BlizzCon 2008! Still sitting in the PDX airport at the moment. Loose pictures will be uploaded to

  • Dead Space Videos

    Mim linked me some videos from a sci-fi game coming out this Halloween called ‘Dead Space‘.  I am totally not playing this game, because I am far too wuss for the survival horror genre.   I never played Doom 3 and I was traumatized as a young child by Space Hulk, but if you’re into […]

  • Dragon Age Videos

    The September BioWare newsletter came out yesterday, and it doesn’t have too much to read, but there is a link to some updated video on the Dragon Age website.  I had previously kind of written off Dragon Age as another overly bump-mapped single player fanatasy after the E3 video earlier this year; however the ‘Origins’ […]

  • Armada Online Alpha

    Brian in #ballistic alerted me to this fun little game that is in alpha testing right now.  It’s called Armada Online.  It’s a multi-player online game where you choose a faction a name and an icon to represent yourself and then you jump into a top-down 2d style gameplay where you strafe around alien space […]

  • Paladins and Kalgan (Wrath of the Lich King)

    [youtube][/youtube]Following in a long line of re-captioned foreign language videos comes an amusing tale of World of Warcraft class balance.

  • Star Trek Online Website Launch

    Over the weekend, the countdown timer on Cryptic Studio’s homepage turned into a launch of the new Star Trek Online website.  The gameplay plan for this seems pretty different from what Perpetual Entertainment had in mind.  Instead of serving as a crewmember aboard a ship, you will be either a Federation or Klingon captain with […]