Dragon Age Videos

The September BioWare newsletter came out yesterday, and it doesn’t have too much to read, but there is a link to some updated video on the Dragon Age website.  I had previously kind of written off Dragon Age as another overly bump-mapped single player fanatasy after the E3 video earlier this year; however the ‘Origins’ videos up on the website are worth checking out.  The three origins stories videos show you some of the gameplay as a party fights their way up a tower to light a signal beacon during a massive battle.  The particle effects are pretty stunning, and they show off some cool combos of spell interraction. 

There’s also a toolset video which looks a lot like the toolset from Neverwinter Nights.  They don’t really do anything other than place a starting waypoint on an existing map, so there’s not much meat there.  I saw a snake icon, so I’m guessing they’re using python for their programming language?





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