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BlizzCon 2008 Swagbag

Frostmourn Keychain

To my surprise, I apparently booked a room at the ‘Marriott SUITES Anaheim’, not the ‘Marriott Anaheim’. The suites are like a mile south of the convention center. The room is nice enough, and I met up with Thar from the Stonecutters, along with his brother. We were met by the other rogue in our guild Ikilu, and headed over to ‘The Block’ for some late dinner. I already forgot the name of the place we ate at, but at 11pm nobody is serving dinner. Shrimp and tortilla chips for dinner. Don’t have any convention hall pictures, as I’m nowhere near the convention right now. Here’s some Photos of the Swagbag, however.

BlizzCon 2008 Swagbag Pictures are up:


And, below (without helpful captions)

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