Down Down Down

 Stock market down something like 700 points on news that nobody in Congress wants their unpopular political hot potato bailout on their heads during an election cycle.  I’ve personally lost about $65 today out of my paultry IRA & 401k accounts.  Maybe if I had more investments, I would be feeling something other than schadenfruede

In related crash notes, my raid array at work is degraded and the rebuild is making it impossible to use this machine at proper internet speeds.


Dead Space Videos

Mim linked me some videos from a sci-fi game coming out this Halloween called ‘Dead Space‘.  I am totally not playing this game, because I am far too wuss for the survival horror genre.   I never played Doom 3 and I was traumatized as a young child by Space Hulk, but if you’re into crazy shiet jumping out of ventilation shafts with the intention of laying its brood eggs in your pancreas, well just go ahead and knock yourself out:

No matter how things get you down, as long as you have a badass looking helmet you can get through it.


Dragon Age Videos

The September BioWare newsletter came out yesterday, and it doesn’t have too much to read, but there is a link to some updated video on the Dragon Age website.  I had previously kind of written off Dragon Age as another overly bump-mapped single player fanatasy after the E3 video earlier this year; however the ‘Origins’ videos up on the website are worth checking out.  The three origins stories videos show you some of the gameplay as a party fights their way up a tower to light a signal beacon during a massive battle.  The particle effects are pretty stunning, and they show off some cool combos of spell interraction. 

There’s also a toolset video which looks a lot like the toolset from Neverwinter Nights.  They don’t really do anything other than place a starting waypoint on an existing map, so there’s not much meat there.  I saw a snake icon, so I’m guessing they’re using python for their programming language?


Attack of the Word Press

After two months of dragging my feet, the wordpress is out the gate here.  My company has been in the process of transitioning servers and sites from our Seattle network operations center down to Portland where we have lower expenses and better control over support. was the first site to make the transition, but even since (HI! <–attack of the killer gf!) moving it down to Portland I have still been dragging my feet on releasing it due to a general unsatisfaction with the design.  Either way, it’s out now. 😀

BlizzCon Countdown!
Other than that, it is about 2 weeks until BlizzCon starts, so I’m looking forward to that.  We have three other folks from the Stonecutters who will be in attendance this year, and it will be my third time attending.  I am probably going to purchase a new digital camera for the trip so that I can take pictures and post pictures of things to various web related stuff again.  I am tied to my work iphone for photography right now, and if there is one thing the iphone doesn’t do well it is take memorable pictures.  In my case, that’s somewhat of a double handicap.

Warhammer Online
I am playing Warhammer: Age of Reckoning on the side, but I think I am too old and closed minded to really adopt a new game these days.  It has been somewhat of a struggle to get used to the clunky implementation of pet controls (I have been playing a White Lion).  But mainly there really is no outstanding option if you want to play a dual wield melee character on the side of order.  For some reason the witch hunter has not been a big draw for me.  Overall, it’s a pretty decent game despite its nits, but it takes a lot to drag me away from WoW for an extended period of time.

Vay iPhone Edition
I downloaded a copy of Vay yesterday for the iphone.  It was around $5 and so far has been a horribly cliche final-fantasy style game.  In the end-all-be-all of fantasy cliches, an enemy kingdom attacks yours, steals your bride and kills your parents.  You then set out to find a wise old man…  stop me if this sounds familiar. Ultimately the production quality is good enough for the price, and the story is expected given the genera.  I don’t feel ripped off, and its nice to have some more options when standing around in the grocery store.


Armada Online Alpha

Hunting Bugs in Delta 3

Hunting Bugs in Delta 3

Brian in #ballistic alerted me to this fun little game that is in alpha testing right now.  It’s called Armada Online.  It’s a multi-player online game where you choose a faction a name and an icon to represent yourself and then you jump into a top-down 2d style gameplay where you strafe around alien space crabs and scorpions and blow them up diablo style for fun and profit.  The graphics are all full 3d, the starfield backgrounds are gorgeous and the menus are all very simple and familiar.  Eat hot torpedos scavenger scum!  Space crabs phear my terran payload, yo.

I also rummaged up this link off the Armada forums; It has some more screenshots and some basic information for newbies:



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