Trick-or-Treat… Smell My Feet

So I thought I would get you all in the Halloween spirit with a bit of spooky stuff and all by sharing with you a very spooktacular picture courtesy of the guest bathroom! It’s not every day that I see in the reflection of the mirror a long wadded piece of hair dangling behind me while I try to get ready for work. Please take note that this wad of hair is about 2 feet long and most likely came from the bathroom floor… where it belongs… not on the ceiling. I know we have spiders running around in the house, but geezus, there must be one mega-mo-fo spider running around with wads of hair stuck to its butt!! I get scared every time I walk into the bathroom and see this hanging from the ceiling… like it’s going to reach out and do something bad to me. HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! -CJ






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