Horizons – All That and a Bag of Chips?

I’m liking the idea of this game more and more since they announced they were switching it to a orc/blognir based slaughter game.  Long live the Horde!

Okay uh, I hate some of the models (like the orc one), but it looks better than Dark Age of Camelot (ni!?) at least. 🙂

The Horizons Message board, on the other hand, is a slice of real-life, that is to say – filled with idiots royale.

All the same, their gazeteer is quite exciting, as are their plans for the PVP elements of the game.  The following links are definitely worth checking into if you are a fan of online persistent worlds. 🙂

Artifact Entertainment – Developers

Horizons Website

Crossroads of Istaria

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