Planetarion – Fighting for Metal and Honor

Planetarion is a web based strategy game, somewhat similar to the old BBS door game, Barren Realms Elite. 

The game centers around the control of asteroids which produce three different types of resources: metal, crystal and eonium.

You play the role of one of twenty five planets, united (it helps to be united) under the common leadership of a galactic commander. 

The game runs in real time: your asteroids produce resources on an hourly basis; the largest of the ships, the mighty battleship takes a total of 24 hours to finish construction.  Research of technologies can take weeks, and of course combat.

Combat is fun when you are in control, not so fun when you aren’t.  You find a planet you wish to attack, decide which types of ships to send, enter the coordinates and launch the fleet.  It then can take anywhere from 6 hours to 10 hours for your attack fleet to travel there.   During this time, your target most likely will be assembling his friends and galaxy mates to defend him.  After your fleet gets there, you duke it out for up to 3 hours, and hopefully steal some of his or her asteroids. >:)

Sounds easy?  Well, it is, but not really.  There is a great deal of gameplay in unit selection and construction choices.  Each ship has strengths and weaknesses.  E.G. The battleship SLAUGHTERS the smallest class ships by the droves, but is slow can be easily disabled by a handful of Tarrantula ships.

The game, more than anything, is played out on IRC, and at the cost of your social life. is home to a vast number of low-lifes 😉 who are all busy arranging attacks and defense. 

Personally, I don’t play anymore – I can’t handle the amount of time Planetarion requires to be played successfully, and I’m too pansy to be bushwacking newbies for their asteroids like I should be all the time.  But, for all you bloodthirsty kiddies out there, give it a go.  The game has a lot to offer – there is no higher satisfaction than crushing some dog’s pathetic fleet. 🙂


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