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  • Bat’leth Robbery in Colorado

    WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE UNITED FEDERATION OF CONVENIENCE STORES Someone in Colorado Springs, Colorado robbed two 7-11 stores with a sharp object being portrayed in the media as a Klingon Bat’leth.  The Denver Channel had the first writeup of it that I’ve seen, and has some of the most hilarious blog comments.  As one reader […]

  • My new Star Trek Voyager S1-7 DVD set is a Faaake!

    I bought a Star Trek Voyager Season1-7 set off Amazon a few weeks back after wrapping up all my episodes of Enterprise.  I’ve been chomping at the bit for some sci-fi and it took me awhile to decide whether I was going to take the plunge on Voyager or go for Babylon5 instead.   I […]

  • Star Trek Online Website Launch

    Over the weekend, the countdown timer on Cryptic Studio’s homepage turned into a launch of the new Star Trek Online website.  The gameplay plan for this seems pretty different from what Perpetual Entertainment had in mind.  Instead of serving as a crewmember aboard a ship, you will be either a Federation or Klingon captain with […]