Category: Humor

  • Two Angry Camels in a Car

    [youtube][/youtube] What can I say? Yo dawg, we heard you like dromidaries, so we put some camels in your car so you can hump while you drive? Armrha: The convenience store clerk misunderstood.  Instead of 2 packs of camels, he got him 2 pack camels : ( 

  • Bat’leth Robbery in Colorado

    WANTED FOR CRIMES AGAINST THE UNITED FEDERATION OF CONVENIENCE STORES Someone in Colorado Springs, Colorado robbed two 7-11 stores with a sharp object being portrayed in the media as a Klingon Bat’leth.  The Denver Channel had the first writeup of it that I’ve seen, and has some of the most hilarious blog comments.  As one reader […]

  • Rock-Afire Animatronic Video

    Via an old (August08) article about the Rock-afire Animatronic Band comes the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on YouTube all evening.  [youtube][/youtube] It was only a matter of time before someone sucessfully paired the animatronic pizza bands of the 80s with contemporary R&B songs about… date rape?   Personally I think the sun and […]

  • Holy Thunderforks!

    [youtube][/youtube]Last thursday we were wiping repeatedly on Archimonde in Mt. Hyjal, and for the most part I just wanted to go to bed. After Hurte sniped me with some Dragonforce lyrics ‘through the fire and flames’ (the bossfight involves avoiding just that) I ended up on youtube and stumbled across this video. It’s a ‘misheard […]

  • Paladins and Kalgan (Wrath of the Lich King)

    [youtube][/youtube]Following in a long line of re-captioned foreign language videos comes an amusing tale of World of Warcraft class balance.